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Let's talk

Simply give us a call at (956) 317-4098 to get started.  You may also send us a message thru our website or email us at We will discuss preliminary tax questions (tax payer basic information, filing status, type of income, etc) that will help determine the level of complexity and time required to prepare your tax return.  You can also schedule an appointment by simply clicking on the link above “Book an Appointment” to schedule a date and time that works for you. 

send your files securely

Easy-to-use secure file sharing service that you may access from a computer or smart phone.  No sign up or app to download.  Simply click on the link sent to your email and attach or take a picture (using your phone) of requested documents (W-2, 1099, Driver Lic, etc…). Encyro Encryption is a SAFE and SECURE file sharing service that is in compliant with IRS Guidlines (Pub 4557 Safeguarding Taxpayer Data).

Review Sign and Track refund

Once your tax return is prepared, you will receive a secure encrypted email to review and remotely sign to have your tax return submitted via E-file with the IRS.  Track your refund via the website under Get Your Refund Status.