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Simple Tax of Laredo is your source for timely and accurate tax preparation.
Our philosophy is that no one's time is as important to you as your time.

We're committed to serving our community with professional excellence, all while adhering to strict guidelines to insure your trust.

Jorge Sillas, Owner

My name is Jorge Sillas, owner of Simple Tax of Laredo. I was born and raised in Laredo, TX. 

I received my B.B.A. in Accounting in 2002 from Texas State University at San Marcos. I discovered my passion for numbers and accounting early on and have been fortunate to turn that passion into a profession. 

My professional accounting career began by working days and nights as a Tax Analyst in the private sector. With a lot of hard work and long hours, I quickly climbed the corporate ladder to a Tax Accountant then a Sr. Tax Accountant and lastly a Tax Manager. This accounting path took me for a tour around Texas, from Laredo, San Marcos, San Antonio, Dallas, and back. 

Ultimately, I returned to Laredo with substantial knowledge of the accounting world. I began preparing tax returns for friends and family members and slowly grew to provide tax prep services through referrals from friends and family. I thank my friends and family for entrusting me with one of the most important tasks in life. 

Simple Tax of Laredo is committed to providing friendly professional tax services for our community. As an Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) participant, I have limited representation rights, meaning I can represent clients whose returns I have prepared and signed before examination, customer service rep, and the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Those who do not participate in the AFSP have no representation rights.

Our Goal

It is our Goal to help you prepare and file your taxes by making the process Simple.  We explain to you the steps that we take in preparing your taxes, as well as steps to prepare for next year’s tax season.

Adheres to IRS Guidelines

Committed to Serving our Community With Profession Excellence

We adhere to the highest of standards of the tax industry. We follow the strict guidelines for practice set forth by the IRS in Circular 230, and we complete annual continuing professional eductaion requirements, including mandated ethics, including mandated ethics coursework, to insure our expertise and knowledge is always current.

We also uphold the integrity of our profession through our professional memberships and affiliations, many requiring strict adherence to their rules for professional condut and code of ethics.

These commitments insure you receive the best service possible

Treasury Department Circular No.230

We adhere to Strict Guidelines to Insure Your Trust...

Our firm adheres to IRS and professional guidelines that insure you receive top-quality service. These guidelines protect you from abuses and insure you tax liabilities are minimized whenever possible.

We’ve voluntarily registered as a PTIN holder with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and by doing so, we agree to abide by strict reporting standards. We also pledge to stand by the work we do on your behalf should the IRS questions something we have prepared for you or make a formal inquiry. We know how to deal with tax agencies, and we’ll work with you to resolve any and all issues. 

Our fees are based upon the complexity of your return and the time we have estimated it will take to compile information , research and analyze your options, make recommendations, and complete the return. Our fee schedule is always available for your review, and we will always provide an estimated cost before asking you to sign a formal engagement letter.

We do not open on January 1 and shut down on April 16. We are always available and encourage you to contact us whenever you have a question or issue. 

As a registered electronic filer, we will electronically file your return after you have reviewed it and properly signed, and any refund will go to you per your instructions (mailed or electronically deposited).

We take all possible precautions to secure and protect the information we are required to keep. We are informed and updated on all laws and regulations enacted to protect you from identity theft. 

We have earned and maintained professional credentials that require us to remain current. More importantly, we owe it to you to maintain our commitment to professional excellence because you rely upon us to understand the world’s most complex tax code AND to properly interpret and apply it when we advise you and prepare your tax return. 

Be sure you bring all records and receipts applicable to the preparation of your return. We will always seek proper documentation and substantiation for deductions, credits, and other items. 

1312 Houston St, Laredo, TX 78040

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